Wild 4 Hypnosis FUSION Show – 8:00 pm

Rated PG Wild 4 Hypnosis

Looking for something different?  Looking for Something Fun?  Then see the Wild 4 Hypnosis FUSION Comedy Show while you are in Myrtle Beach.  It’s the perfect night out .  Take your Teens & Family to a show you will never forget!  

Best of All The Show has No Intermission or Drink / Menu Minimums.  Book your tickets ONLINE early and get VIP Seating for Free!

It’s the Perfect Blend for a show – A Little Bit of Mild and a Little Bit of Wild! Great Fun for any Occasion! It’s the best show for Young to Mid Teens.  The FUSION – Wild 4 Hypnosis Comedy Show lasts approx 90 – 110 minutes with no intermission. RICH AND ELIZABETH WYLDE HAVE BEEN DECLARED ONE OF THE NATION’S MOST CREATIVE AND ORIGINAL STAGE HYPNOTISTS. Rich and Elizabeth Wylde are award-winning entertainers who perform over 300 outstanding presentations each year for a variety of audiences including the Jerry Springer Show, high schools, universities, conventions, corporate giants, and tourists in Las Vegas, Wisconsin Dells and now at Big Laughs Theatre In Myrtle Beach, SC.  No two shows are ever alike.

You’ve Seen Rich Wylde & Elizabeth Wylde on TV.  Now see them LIVE IN PERSON! first man on earth to give birth at Wild 4 Hypnosis Comedy ShowFusion Shows – The hypnosis show begins with a short introduction to Stage Hypnosis by Master Hypnotists Rich & Elizabeth Wylde that gets everyone excited to be a part of the show. After the introduction, Your heart races – do you raise your hand? How embarrassing, how thrilling. All that anticipation and anxiety and then the guy three seats down volunteers and makes it to the last chair available on stage instead of you. More people will want to volunteer than are necessary, but 12-15 lucky volunteers will be invited to take a seat on the stage. The committee of volunteers are rapidly hypnotized to a nice, deep, and natural state of hypnosis, and the fun begins! From this point forward, the laughter is non-stop because THE AUDIENCE VOLUNTEERS BECOME THE STARS OF THE WILD 4 HYPNOSIS COMEDY SHOW! Guys may be hypnotized they are part of a great Rock Band, They may meet or become their favorite celebrities, forget their names, have private parts that begin to talk to them, the stars take part in the most captivating and hilarious hypnotic skits ever performed! As for the rest of the audience, watching it all happen is incredible fun and simply mind-boggling! The FUSION Show is for All Audiences.